“We Drove Each Other Away…”


We drove away from happiness when we decided to steer our love towards other people
All of those times I got out of bed , just to avoid your hands…
All of those times you said you’d be late , My curious eyes saw you in the park holding hands …
I lost hope in you when he started sending me flowers, providing me with attention and conversing for hours
All you wanted from me was the genuine friend you met and fell for , but instead I developed into a bitchy , greedy partner.
While she didn’t mind when your credit card declined…she didn’t mind your simple individuality , she just enjoyed being with you.
I wanted trips and beautiful views from the bedroom, and you just wanted to work
I was too selfish to see the picture of a husband who was willing to give his wife the lifestyle she wanted…
So we both started driving towards the exit.
The exit that lead us to new scenes
Leading us to people who satisfied our needs…people who made us forget why we truly loved each other in the first place.


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