Losing Friends Can Be a Good Thing….


We have all “lost friends”… Am I right?
Not quite .
If you treated the person with respect & you did everything you could to be an outstanding friend, you didn’t lose that person, they lost you.
You see, we have these aspirations of bringing people into our glorious moments, not realizing that these friends are the enemies who are plotting.
How many times have you had a friend advise you with negative information? Or those friends who are just never happy with your accomplishments?
Consider those kindof friends as “haters who secretly love you, but can’t stand to see you make it.”
My advice to you? Pray for those people and continue to strive for greatness.
Sometimes it sucks to have friends who enact on ending friendships over envy and hate but when that happens, let it be and continue to stay happy.
Eventually the space that feels empty becomes filled with people who genuinely love you and are placed in your life to help you.
Friends do exist, but you have to be careful who you consider as a friend.
So if you thought you lost a friend this year, you didn’t lose anything. You just made room for people who will actually befriend not just you, but your dreams and goals as well.
– Marie


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