Taking Advice From Your Bitter Friends….



Treating your guy like a king is a sin to your single, bitter friends.
“Why are you getting that for him?”
“he should be paying for everything.”
“You aren’t married but you act like it..”

Well, let’s make this clear.
Even if I’m not married , I still want to show the guy I care about that I have potential of being his wife.
As far as paying for everything? He deserves to be treated out just as much as I do. What exactly is so wrong about a woman treating her man with presents if he treats her like a queen?
Appreciation is what I call it.
Don’t let your bitter girlfriends knock you out of a good relationship, it’s not a good look.
If you’re relationship is awesome and you’re honestly happy with the results…Go all out for your other half. Show your appreciation, it’s absolutely okay!


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