Loving the Wrong People…


Some might think I’m an asshole when it comes to showing affection but honestly I love harder than a lot of people that I know. On the outside , I can be bitchy and seem stuck up. But once you’re around me, I’m like a little kid full of love and energy.
I love people that I don’t even know. I want to know have you ate anything ? Have you had rest? I want to know how you’re doing on just a regular day….I care. I really do.
Because I know how hard I can love, I tend to keep it locked away because not everyone deserves it.
Some people will use you until you finally wake up from being a blind ass and realize that your loving heart led you to being a fool . It’s not necessarily a bad thing to love hard, but it definitely puts you in situations that can damage your heart and your mind as well.
Frightening thoughts haunt you because you begin to think no one is truly there for you, they are just there for what you have to offer. And that , to me, is pretty scary.
Who really appreciates me? Who will really love my compassionate character? Who will really understand the damage that people like me go through?
When you have a good heart, you allow yourself to become available to broken people who you feel needs your help the most. But sometimes your just breaking yourself.
But having a good heart is a true blessing that not everyone has. Take advantage of it but don’t lose yourself while doing it. -Marie


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