Living in the Fast Lane


There was a time in my life when I thought making loads of money and being famous was what I wanted in life. Until I found my purpose.
Moving fast caused me to miss out on some really important people and opportunities, but I didn’t realize how fast I was moving until I lost my grandfather. My grandfathers death actually taught me how to grasp onto simple moments such as watching tv while my son is laying on my stomach. Moments like that, I wouldn’t trade for the world. Success isn’t just about money to me anymore , success to me is trying the best I can to fulfill my goals and dreams in life while loving others as much as possible. Enjoying the small things but also working hard so when I do leave this world, I will leave with my dignity and ambition under my name. My purpose is reaching out to others with my words. My talent is writing, I could write all day if it were up to me. When I make someone’s day through my actions and words, I consider that as a successful moment. I could be flat broke but I’m still happy when I know that I made someone’s day. Success is happiness when you find the right way to reach it. But it can be evil if you run the race without taking time to see what is around you. Running too fast may cause you to miss out on special moments and people. Slow down and enjoy the current situations around you, be thankful for what you have and try your best at everything you do. It’s okay to want it all, but it’s not okay when you lose everything while trying to chase it. – Marieimage


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