Why I Prefer Red Box Over A Fancy Dinner….


imageSimple things flatter me and if you’re about simplicity then you would understand. You see, I love nice dinners and I love to play dress up but how awesome is a night on the couch with your loved one while you’re both in comfy clothes? Instead of having to pay loads of cash for dinner, we both decide to cook together. Not only are we saving money but we are bonding as well. I can run around the house in my long t shirt and underwear instead of taking hours to do my make up and hair. Which I hate anyway.
I love going to the movies , but really , how much privacy can you get in the theatre? Why not just pop in a red box at the house, that way I can tackle my other half with kisses without worrying about getting kicked out of the movie.
What do you do when you’re bored?
Grab candles, fill the bath tub with warm water, and turn on your Pandora station….
That’s right , we are about to have our own massage therapy , only this one is free and I can just lay in my own bed after we are finished. No money, no gas, just creative thinking around the house.
Simplicity is key. You can be simple and romantic at the same time, plus you and your other half can look back at all the fun memories you made together. Save your money, you don’t need a lot when you’re spending time with someone you love !


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