Dear Ordinary Girl



Dear ordinary girl,
You’re probably somewhere stressing over a guy who has slept with you numerous of times but he still won’t call you his girlfriend. Or maybe you’re spending all of your money on designer clothes to impress the big spenders in The VIP section. You’re probably somewhere in the airport getting ready to fly out to your destination with some guy who a has a studio and a nice car. You’re definition of pretty is a face full of makeup and long extensions because without it, you feel invisible. You’re working late nights in the club to pay off your bills and getting so drunk throughout the week that you’re slacking in school. Ordinary girl, why are you killing yourself? Can’t you see how tired you are ?  Ordinary girl, this is the life you wanted. Ordinary girl who came from nothing , she’s hard on herself trying to become something.
Something that she’s not. But in reality, she could be so smart. She’s let social media allow her to view the world as “perfect.” Which is something she’s far from. Ordinary girl you looked better when you were ordinary.



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