What Are You Afraid Of?


imageMy biggest fear was using my voice. Why would people want to read my blogs? Why would anyone listen to me? I was currently at a lack of direction and faith, and I was wasting talent. My ability to use my words and gather my thoughts have influence on others and surprisingly I didn’t know until I started writing more.
Whenever I hear someone say “I can’t…” When referring to accomplishing their dreams, I instantly hear fear in their voice.
What exactly do you mean you can’t do something? Yes you can.
That’s when the comparison of others start to come in , but you have to remember that there are different struggles for different people. In the past I was guilty for saying I couldn’t do something because of the struggle that was present . Eventually, I got tired of being dragged down by my discouraging mentality.
The key to making it happen, is to get off your butt and make it happen.
Direction , dedication, and preparation. Doesn’t matter where you’ve been, As long as you know where you’re going . Quit being so scared of opinions and change. If you cAnt live out of your comfort zone, you will never have the ability to move ahead in life.
Only you have the power to decline the level of fear in your heart, so while the opportunity is there, make it your business to take advantage of it.
Quit letting fear abduct your faith.


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