Dear Good Men


This letter is specifically for every good guy out there.
Some Girls ,I was one of them, are usually ignoring you simply because you’re just way too freaking nice. Weird right? Oh and you can’t forget about how you never win against ass holes who treat girls in a pathetic manner.
Sad to say, you’re just about done with stupid women who don’t know what they want. To hell with them right? But wait before you end up upset, let me thank you for your consistency and respect.
You see, I finally gave a good guy a chance and I couldn’t be any happier with where I am in life. Because of you good guys, girls like me appreciate your ability to make us smile even if it’s just by listening to us talk about dumb things. We appreciate the way you take pride in us.
We appreciate the fact that you are being a man and give us experiences we’ve never experienced before. You walk with us in Christ, through our struggles, through our highs and our lows. Sorry that every girl isn’t aware of the Good Guy syndrome but to the girls who are involved with a good guy, you know exactly what I’m talking about. To every good guy out there who feels like they’re just not wanted, you are. Just be patient and understand that someone will eventually come around to give you the attention and love that you need!


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