Are You Lost On Your Journey?


imagePositioning yourself in areas where you are not fully ready can make you feel defeated. You know why? Because when you rush with out a plan, you’re allowing yourself to become a target for destruction.
Take me for example. There was a time in my life where I was wanting to do so many things at such a fast pace , but without a plan or sense of direction. Now how crazy is that? Pure ignorance. I was discouraging myself because I was failing tasks that I obviously wasn’t prepared for.

imageI asked God to guide me and help me figure out which path I needed to take. He answered and now I am moving forward because I know where I am going.
It takes preparation and patience . Prepare yourself , write down goals, make a plan for yourself. Patience comes along with hard work. Sometimes it does get tough to keep working when you see no signs of rewards. But trust me, those rewards are coming. You have to be able to have faith through the endurance of your journey. Make it happen, but make sure your vision is clear and direct.
You cannot move forward if you lacking sense of direction…..


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