14 Days.


image“Because it is hard sometimes, giving up seems so easy at the moment. But you should never encourage the idea of giving up. “- Marie

Day 1 of my fast : I inherited strength and I definitely kept my sanity through a really difficult day. I took time to ask God to grant me with guidance and allow me to overcome the struggles that are coming my way.
I am currently giving up “sweets and sodas.”
As bad as I wanted them, I disciplined myself enough to eat of drink something else to assist me. I have more energy without fueling my body with bad foods.
In life we have to eventually accept that some things and people are unhealthy for us. At first it will feel strange but you find other people and habits to replace the negative. It may not be who or what you WANT but God is giving you what you need.
#14DaysOfFasting #Journey #Experience #endurance #resilient



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