14 day Fast- Day 2.


imageDay 2: Restless
Being restless is overwhelming and very stressful. Your mind becomes worn out and you’re in desperate need of silence, which is for some reason hard to find when you need it the most. Fasting has taught me a lot and it’s just day two. Usually when I become restless I lash out and break down. But this time I willingly got settled alone and just openly prayed to God. I needed Him to show me how to deal with pain and troubled scenarios that take part in my life. Instead of getting angry and depressed through difficult moments in my life, Im choosing to let God teach my soul how to keep calm and cope. Situations are only temporary , and I’m gradually learning how to turn every bad situation into a good one. Restless minds can cause wreck less behavior.
Take some time to yourself and gather your thoughts, and understand that you can overcome whatever life throws you.image


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