Day 3. – Letting Others Control Your Emotions


imageOn a scale from 1-10, I will definitely say my anger was on 10 on the morning of my 3rd day for fasting. I was awakened by rude comments , basically being torn down from discouraging words.
Immediately I had to ask God to help me deal and smile whenever something like that happens. How can u push through negativity? How can I keep my head up when I’m constantly being brought down? I realized that I’m in control of how I want to feel. What other people say and do to me can only hurt me if I let it. You choose your own path and your own happiness. If you fall down every time someone is against you, then you will never be able to follow through with your journey. It is critical that we use negative people for fuel to the fire. Instead of getting mad, use the opinions and comments for motivation. God blessed you with purpose and skills for a reason, and you have to use those skills to finish the race. And to finish the race you are going to have to stop letting others “make you mad.” It’s not about what other people think or say, it’s about you finishing what you started and you cannot finish if you keep including negative people.


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