A Mothers Touch



Waking up every morning is probably the biggest struggle, out of all the struggles. You see, I have a two year old who thinks I’m attached to his arm and that it is a crime if I’m not in his sight when he awakens.
Five more minutes of sleep, please. I’m begging you God. But no, that’s not how it works.
If I see a pancake one more time, I will probably scream . Pancakes, every morning. He doesn’t want oatmeal, he doesn’t want cereal. He wants pancakes.
Enrolling into school was the biggest step for this year. oh wait I should’ve told my professors that it’s really hard concentrating on psychology when my two year old is screaming and spilling juice all over my leg. But of course, that isn’t a big deal at all.
I just need five minutes, five minutes that’s all. I honestly don’t know what a vacation feels like at this moment. . But I definitely know the words to every Disney cartoon and I probably sing “Twinkle Twinkle little Star” about 20 times a day.
I really want to finish my homework but there are toys every where and my son is having his tantrums.
The tantrums ….oh this is where it gets tough.
I’m trying to hold him down , he’s hollering, I’m exhausted, and
eventually we both fall asleep together.
I didn’t finish my homework, I didn’t pick up the toys, but in the midst of the struggle, I was reminded of how blessed I am to have such a beautiful son. No matter how exhausted I am, or stressed out I am, God grants me the strength to make it through. As tired as I feel sometimes, nothing feels better than just being able to hold my little one while we sleep. It doesn’t matter if I think I’m weak, my son sleeps in my arms like I’m super woman. And it’s just an amazing feeling. If you’re a mom, take a minute to just breathe, relax and tell God thank you. Not only are we blessed to have our children, but they are blessed to have such strong mothers.



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