Interracial Fear.


I came across a crazy opinion the other day while I ran into an old friend of mine. He was extremely happy to see me but he wasn’t so happy about my relationship status. His comment was “You’re crazy for dating a white boy “…..


Well, immediately I stood up for myself and my boyfriend and responded to that disgusting comment.

Interracial couples , believe it or not, go through so much just because of skin color.

At first , I wanted to respond with , ” Are you retarded?”

But  I didn’t. I just kept my composure and let it go.

You see, as Gods child, I go through things all the time that determines where my heart is. My heart isn’t perfect , But it has gotten a lot better. My boyfriend Chris , is white , but honestly , “white” has nothing to do with why I’m dating him . Skin color doesn’t affect me at all, truthfully.

I’m dating my other half because of other things. And I’m about to tell you why.

Chris, is a loving person. His generous attitude towards me keeps me balanced whenever I’m having a bad day. Anxiety sucks, and when you are able to have someone who helps you calm down through your breakdowns, appreciate that person.

His love for Christ inspires me daily. No, we both aren’t walking around in Jesus sandals and a robe, but together we pray and talk about our future with God all the time. When you’re able to worship God with someone you love, it immediately connects you closer.

Laughing and smiling is healthy for the soul. And with him, I’m always doing that. Yeah, sounds like puppy love but he truly is my best friend. Let’s face it, I can’t picture myself snoring in front of anyone else.

He has compassion. Constantly he is thinking about what He can do to make me happy, regardless of what we are going through.

His ambition to be successful in life is one of my favorites. It is imperative to date some one who you can build with. Their drive should be in full effect so much that it makes you want to chase success with them.

It’s just all love.  When you love someone , you don’t identify them by skin color or any thing similar to ignorance. You love that person because of their heart and character.  So next time you identify my boyfriend as a “white boy” , you may get a punch to the face. Totally kidding, but I will pray that you can see people for their hearts and not their skin color.



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