Being Available Can Leave You Ineligible.



I go to bed texting him and I wake up texting him. But for some reason I am the only one putting in the effort. I try so hard to please him, and I give him so much respect. What exactly is wrong with me? Am I not pretty enough? Is it because I don’t have sex with him ? What is it ? ……….


The problem is that you are making yourself too available and you aren’t even respecting yourself. Whenever he calls, you answer. Whenever he texts, you reply. Another issue is, this guy isn’t even your boyfriend. He is just someone who calls you when he is bored and in need of temporary fulfillment. And you allow it.

You are falling in love with a guy who you aren’t even dating and it’s becoming sickening because you are stressed out on why he isn’t wanting to be your man.

You should just give it up already. Stop disrespecting yourself and stop giving so much into a relationship that doesn’t exist.

You’re better than that. Your time is precious, so why waste it on someone who doesn’t even notice your effort? Pointless.

You deserve a guy who will acknowledge you and uplift you. Not a guy who only picks up his phone when he needs some attention in the bedroom.

Eventually, you’re going to keep being so available to jokers that you end up ineligible to be loved by a real man.

– M.Marie


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