to Dig Gold…& to Dig Goals…


To Dig Gold, and To Dig Goals….

What exactly is it like to dig gold? Considering that person to be a gold digger , digging gold is just animageother term for “looking for money.”
You refuse to date a man who does not have “a lot of money.”
You only want a man who will buy you nice things.
You don’t care about anything from this man, but the expensive materials that he owns. As long as you are getting money from him, you are winning your personal jackpot.
You only linger around while money is involved & if the money stops, you dig gold elsewhere.
You are digging gold. You are what we call a gold digger.

To be a goal digger on the other hand…

You enjoy waiting on that relationship because you are too busy taking care of your business.
You thrive on getting better with your partner, swapping goals and life plans with each other, and embracing the current struggle because you both know it isn’t forever.
Most importantly, you love your partner through hardships and it doesn’t matter how much they fall off, you’re their to help them up.


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