I’m Just a Mom…..



How many times do you hear mothers refer to themselves as “just a mom?”

It’s extremely sad that some mothers feel as if they aren’t successful in life because they are “a mom.”

I am here to tell you that , you are more than just mom.

You are a survivor, a conqueror, a winner and more.

Your kids wouldn’t last a day without your love and compassionate care that you bless them with.

Your in sweats and T shirts but seriously, you just stayed up all night because your child was sick and you had a job to work on top of that.

So what because you can’t afford the new Michael Kors purse, your child has a full belly and new toys to learn with.

Who cares about that missing father who doesn’t help with his child? You’re doing incredible with them and probably better without him.


You are not just a mom, you are a beautiful woman with enough power to raise an army if you tried.

Look at yourself today and applaud yourself for remaining strong.

Love you.


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