New Levels Bring New Devils



Incredible vibes, money is pouring into your account & you just feel like life is complete. You have every thing you want, so why should you continue to pray to God? What sense does it make to continue to give your life to Him when you have everything you ever wanted and more?
Because He was the one to bless you when you were kneeling down and soaking in tears. He heard you and now your abandoning His friendship.
Sometimes we get what we prayed for and instantly forget how we made it out of our predicaments.
Those nights where we are literally begging for burdens to be released are no longer running through our minds.
Our happiness is now dedicated to the finer things because we feel full off of what we can buy.
You’re at a new level in life and you aren’t aware of the new devils that have captured you .
You have forgotten who is in control..
You no longer want to give your free time to God…
You feel like you don’t need Him anymore …
All of these are the new devils that have found you at your worst.
What happens when you no longer own these possessions that you praise so much?
You will find yourself on your knees again , begging for another chance , begging for more.
Remember who kept you through it all, don’t give up on the Man who is capable of giving you everything and capable of taking it all away.


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