Good Man, Bad B*



It’s eight o clock and you are already on your third shot of tequila. Your dress is revealing and short, but long enough to cover up your goodies. Your legs are standing high in your new stilettos , and you just prepped yourself with your new perfume.

Where are you going? You are headed out with your friends, who are drunk as well , and you are determined to find a good man by the end of the night.


You look amazingly hot , and you have no worries about getting guys to notice you. So you bring yourself to the dance floor for more attention. You drop it low while your revealing dress rises…..You have a bottle in your hand , basically chugging beers back to back.

You are still determined to find a good man by the end of the night.

So many guys have asked for your number and you finally respond  to the guy who you find most attractive. He is handsome, very well spoken and by his demeanor you assume this is the man you’ve been praying for.


The both of you end up at your house. You are ready for conversation, sweet massages and finally someone to cuddle with right?

Well,  he isn’t.

He saw that revealing dress and assumed you were ready to reveal your body. He saw the way you handle those beers ,and assumed you were ready to handle him in the bedroom.

He saw the way you easily opened up to him, so he assumed you were easily to get into the bed.

Moral of the story : Embrace your beauty. Be selfish with your body and impress the male race with your personality. Never Look for a man, let him find you. Stop calling yourself a bad bitch and become that Sophisticated woman.

A good man might play with a bad bitch, but a good man will wife a sophisticated woman.


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