Why I Put Another Man before My Boyfriend….


imageI know what you’re thinking….
But yes, I put another Man before my boyfriend because this man shelters me better . He protects me in a way that my man can’t protect me. When I’m in doubt or in trouble? I call this man because he answers better than any man can answer for me.
This man fulfills me in a way that I’ve never been fulfilled. I’m thirsty for his attention and I am hungry for his voice.
This man, is a man of His Word.

His name is God.
I’ve always wanted to be the best girlfriend and future wife , but how can I have a great relationship if I don’t put God first? How will I ever have that solid foundation if I can’t even put him first?
And last , most importantly, how can I chase Him if I continue dating boys who are not for putting Him first?
Exact reason why I chose my boyfriend. My boyfriend supports my decision for putting God first in every and anything I do. We both are far from perfect but we both connect spiritually.
Whenever he is down, I encourage him through our God. Whenever I am down, he does the same.
And still, God comes first no matter what.
Small things such as communication and affection aren’t an issue. Love is actually easy when you know who is really in control.
It’s healthier and easier when you put Him in the beginning.
Now I hope you understand why I chose to put another man before my man 💙


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