Dead Beats Taught Me How To Love


I’m pretty sure we all want to imagestrangle dead beat parents without hesitation.
Dead beat parents allow themselves to go absent when their time and love is needed the most which leaves children second guessing about a lot of things in life.
I must not be smart enough…
I must be ugly…
I will never be good enough…
Needless to say, children are awesome in my eyes and without a doubt I do believe every child deserves BOTH parents in their lives. But not just rare appearances from parents but love, care, full attention and discipline to structure their character.
My sons dad is not around, typical dead beat , thinks it’s highly amazing to neglect a child because I take care of him. Yes I use to hate him and now I don’t.
Oh let me remind you, I prayed probably a million times for the hatred to go away. It took forever. But what I did realize is that I didn’t hate him, I just hated how my son was being treated.
As a Christian though, I had to learn that it wasn’t my job to fix that. It was my job to be the best parent that I can be regardless of anything.
We focus on the abstinence of missing parents but honestly, we should just strive to love our kids as much as possible. Teach them how to love in negative situations, teach them how to forgive people who hurt us. It’s hard but it’s well worth it.
Dead beats show me that love is important. Dead beats motivate me to be the best role model I can be. A dead beat taught me how to love unconditionally, how to love when it hurts & how to forgive when it is hard.
If God can love us and forgive us when we are “dead beats” toward him, we can also learn how to love and forgive.


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