God is the Author of My Love Story….


imageMornings can actually be extremely easy or extremely tiring. Just depends.
I often find myself contemplating sometimes about what clothes I will wear, what my hair will look like and even if I’m going to be “pretty” or not.
Silly I know, but really it’s true.
Chris, my boyfriend, looks at me early in the mornings, bed hair and all, and calls me his beautiful queen. Some days, I’m so exhausted from life , I catch myself skipping make up And cute dresses and substituting them with baseball shirts and leggings. Even after that disgusting feeling I get sometimes, Chris still looks at me and tells me that he is amazed at how beautiful I look.
On days I don’t feel good, I will throw on his T shirt and put my hair in a bun and call it a day around the house. I’m out of energy and he notices. He pulls me in for a hug and still compliments me and decides to take care of dinner because I was too tired to do so.
Working out leaves me sweaty and gross, but yet Chris still offers to hold me and tells me he loves me and whispers in my ear of how I am his pretty angel.
Maybe love isn’t perfect after all. But when you love all of the imperfections, it becomes perfect for you and that person. No matter what I look like, or what I go through, Chris is right there. Whether it’s to congratulate me or love me, he’s always there.
Kind of like when you aren’t perfect but God still takes His time to show you that no matter what, He will love you. His love is greater of course, but I am blessed to have such a loving guy in my life who loves me through my mistakes and all.
This isn’t about a love story, this is about a young woman who fed herself with guilt every day because she was ashamed of the wrong choices she made in men. This is about a young woman who chose to let God guide her until a man who respected her came along. This is about a young woman who is telling other young women that , there are many great men out here who will have to Go through God to get to you, but you have to be ready. You have to be ready to give up the bad choices, you have to be ready to give up the disrespect and you have to be ready to give up the wrong man.
Love is still out there, but so is God. Trust Him and He will lead you into the love that you need.


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