No God, No peace. Know God, Know Peace.


I have this quote “No God, No peace, Know God , Know peace” tatted on the left side of my hip. And this quote is so right when it comes to knowing God.


I was dehydrated spiritually. In need of a spiritual cup of water to fill me up and get rid of the dehydrated feeling that my heart had.

When I took the wrong route in life, I was so jealous of people who enjoyed church. I hated church. I did not think there was any reason for me to be inside of a building full of perfect people while I was out doing worldly things. So as I thought.

Finally life changed for me. I finally found myself. I finally found a church I liked. And I was starting to seek what life had to offer through God. But where I went wrong was believing that after I made all of these changes , that I was going to have this “happy go lucky life without any problems.” Oh God, you are something else.

I was completely hurt by what I saw in some churches. The lies, the rumors, the selfishness , and the list goes on. Isn’t this the place where you are suppose to feel happy and safe? Yes, but what I didn’t know was that devils are literally everywhere. Even inside the most beautiful churches.

Where did I go wrong?

I wasn’t really seeking God like I thought. I was seeking a church with awesome people, good music, and awesome opportunities.

When really, I should have been seeking God , and only God and everything would have followed after.

There is no such thing as a perfect church. There is no such thing as having this perfect life without God being first in it. There is no such thing as finding happiness through other people.
I was dehydrated mentally and spiritually because I was chasing the wrong things. If the music was awful, I would leave. If someone looked at me wrong , I would leave.

But now, I just pray that God allows me to come across a leader who will lead me and help me know God better. A church will forever hold flaws, but it is completely up to me to hold a true relationship with God by myself and seek His love and guidance that he has for me.



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