“Young Marriage Is Going To Ruin Your Life, They Said.”


I am 23, married and about to be a mom of two. To some, I have ruined my life. To others, I have the perfect life. To me? I have a blessed life. Oh please don’t look at pictures of me and my husband and think marriage is easy. Especially on days where I’m being a brat to him or days he is too tired to deal with my goofiness. (I could kill him sometimes but he’s just too handsome.) Marriage is really nothing like I thought. I always thought I would be  older, with a big van, maxing out my husbands credit cards. My marriage is more like “Hey I gotta poop so can you hurry up in the shower?” Or “Oh my gosh I’m hurting can you rub my back pleaseee!” Yep, he’s my best friend,  that’s how we communicate.
Chris doesn’t know this but,  waking up to him is the coolest feeling ever. Especially mornings where he is so sleepy he doesn’t even notice his arm going around me. I just smile , roll my eyes and appreciate the precious moments.
Marriage is nothing you rush. Why did I get married? Well, we are popping out babies, and we are madly in love with each other,  and because it was what God wanted out of us. I don’t really know why people think marriage is so bad. I think people make marriage bad because of the self centered mentalities.
Do I get along with my husband all the time? Ha ha ha No. But would I ever leave his side? No. He’s my best friend. I’m in love with him. And there is nothing cooler than raising a family with a guy who treats me like a queen. I don’t think I’m ruining my life, actually I know I’m not.
But for the people who think my marriage and household is perfect,  you can forget that. We just choose God first and that is how everything falls into place.
Don’t rush marriage , please dont. Because it is a lot of work and it takes two strong individuals who are willing to sacrifice A LOT.
Instead of admiring others relationships, admire yourself. Pray that you mentally and spiritually become that person your significant other can love.
Besides, you only live once, stop begging for a marriage and just live your life. Whoever said marriage is the completion to life, lied. I’m married with kids but I’m definitely still going to have fun in this crazy thing called life.



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