Suicide Is Real.


If you have honestly never been suicidal, then you won’t get it, and you probably never will. People tend to think suicide is so dramatic, or so uneccessary.

How dare you talk down on a subject that kills and destroys millions of people every single day ?

You hear things like, “you should talk about your problems,” but a lot of times when someone tries to talk about their problems, their problems end up being “over exaggerated.” Who wants to keep searching for help when their help just tells them “to get over it,” Or a famous one, “You are just an attention seeker.”

I have been suicidal, not once, not twice but PLENTY of times. Do you think its fun to wake up , tired of life, just not wanting to live anymore? There are people out here dying on the inside, and if that is attention seeking, then please let me be the one to give them attention.

When will society realize that suicide is  not a joke, and even if a person is attention seeking, I would rather save them instead of letting them really kill themselves.

Depression, anxiety,  and having a suicidal mentality is nothing to put on the back burner.

All it takes is a listening ear, a conversation full of compassion , and a loving spirit ….and you just may save a life.


Lets stop ignoring this issue and start bringing more attention to it.

No human deserves to feel alone through such a difficult time.









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