Fighting Can Turn Into Faith.


I fall short all the time. I am not a perfect Christian whatsoever. But I love God wholeheartedly and I intend to keep loving Him so my imperfect behavior will continue to get better with time.
I do believe God wants me to reach out to the imperfect non believers who feel as if they need to be perfect to get to Him.
Little do they know, God doesn’t need perfect , He just needs your time and attention.
Ever since I was a child, I was drawn to people who didn’t have it together. I always wanted to help them get it together. Why does God put all of this on my heart? I don’t know but I love it.
I love it so much that it can bring tears sometimes. I am so passionate about my God because I know what He can do.
I know what He is capable of.
To the girl who doesn’t feel strong enough to leave her abusive relationship, I can feel you crying. Give God the problem.
To the addict who is wrapped up in drugs because those drugs are comforting , I know someone who will comfort you even better. Give God the problem.
To the mother who lost a child to the streets, God wants you to come home so He won’t lose you. Give God the problem.
To the young mother who just had an abortion, you don’t have to be afraid anymore. Give God the problem.
To anyone who believes they have to be perfect, you don’t.
God allows us to come before Him with ALL of our frustration,  overwhelming problems. That mess that you find yourself standing in, you don’t have to stand in it alone. God will wash the mess away and bless you with a new look.
A look of forgiveness,  peace , and happiness.
Go give those problems away  and stop fighting them by yourself.image


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