Will You Lay Down With Me?


I don’t know how I get so busy sometimes, but I do. I am a wife, a mother, a writer, a mentor, college student ….It makes my head hurt to even think about all of it.

The other night, my son Kingston asked if I could lay down with him. He sounded so innocent and so sincere. He was tired, it was bed time and he just wanted me to lay down with him while he slept. He just wanted some time with mommy. And I honestly just wanted to lay down with him and fall asleep, because I too wanted some time with him.


Kind of like when God keeps trying to get our attention. We get so busy that we miss out on the quality time we could actually have with Him. God calls our name over and over but we choose to “talk to Him another day,” Or “I  will just pray tomorrow when I have time.”.

That’s not how it should be though. It should be more conversations. More quality time.  More relationship , less neglect..

It’s important that we get to Him even on days we are considered busy

Besides,  He is never busy when it comes to blessing us. Just what if God put us on hold like we do with Him?

We need to put aside our life activities and find time for Him & not just when we need something.





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