Stretch Marks & Social Media


images-23First let me just say this , to hell with those perfect belly pictures that constantly flood my time lines every day. I have to remind myself a lot of times , photo shop can fix just about anything these days.

Drinking water , eating healthy , yeah yeah yeah…My kids owe me surgery later in life.

Moms, we rock. We cook, we clean , we multitask, we nurture, we are killing it. Sorry Dads, this article isn’t about you, just kiss and tell the mother of your kids she is amazing..




Social Media has brainwashed us into thinking we are fat, sloppy and not attractive.

No just no. There has been many mornings when I looked at my body like “Ew what happened to you?” & I know I am not the only one.

So , I decided to start back working out, getting my hair done, and just gaining that confidence back.

You see, us moms drown ourselves in guilt all the time. We didn’t do this, we didn’t do that. But what did we do for ourselves lately? Get out of your miserable mindframe and get your sexy back.

Whoever said moms have to look sloppy, lied. Let’s stop comparing ourselves to photoshopped women and be realistic.

You may have a flabby stomach , so what , get up and workout.

You may can’t get your hair done, so what, attempt brushing it into a neat bun.

You don’t have to be glamorous but you should want to look good. You pushed out beautiful ¬†babies , you deserve to look good .



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