Falling & Finding.


Falling out of element feels like you are laying in the bottom of a old, concrete pit. The pit is significantly deep , dark and cold. That’s what falling feels like. While you are waiting on a familiar face to lean their head into the pit , they just walk past it. Some may dip their head every now and then, but it’s so dark , they are afraid to become a part of the problem.

There’s really no sense of direction , you want to get up , but you can’t get out so what is the point. Until you look over and discover a rope. That rope is your inner self , giving you the option to climb out of that pit. That rope is your inner light shining through all of the darkness you have endured. That rope just may save you from more dark, and cold nights. That rope is God giving you the better that you deserve.

Sometimes we fall in pits and have not a single clue on how to get out.

Maybe you just haven’t looked around enough to find your rope. Stop laying in the pit , get up , walk around until you discover your rope to get you out.12717254_10207620503244144_2239319117469706884_n


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